Mount Lafayette

Date of Hike: 7/14/13

Greenleaf Trail: 3.8 miles  / Garfield Ridge Trail: 0.8miles  /  Skookumchuck Trail: 4.3 miles
Total Miles: 8.9 miles (3,500 elevation gain)

Trip Report:
- On Sunday, I dropped Alton off at the Lafayette Place and headed to the Greanleaf Trail to hike up with Bob and Dusty while Alton hooked up with Kelsey and they both ran with Kristina who was leading the runners she's been training on their first trail run up the Falling Water Trail,
- I've only been on the lower section of the Greenleaf Trail once before, so I was excited to get back on it.  To get to the trail you park at the Cannon Mountain tramway lot, head underneath I-93, take a left onto the northbound ramp, and within a few feet you turn right off the road and onto the trail which leads into the woods.
- The hike up was a hot and humid one with Dusty leading the way.  The Greanleaf Trail passes by Eagle Cliff which is pretty impressive and then through a pretty moss covered forest.  There are not many views along the trail but the footing and grades are easy to moderate making for a pleasant hike to the Greanleaf Hut.
- Bob, Dusty, and myself took a nice long break at the hut before heading into the thick clouds and fog above treeline up to the summit.  I was happy there were thick clouds and fog, it kept the temps cooler and the sun at bay.
- We made it up to the summit around noonish and relaxed for a half hour before Alton and Kelsey showed up.  There were lots of people and dogs at the summit, it was a dog petting zoo!
- After the girls relaxed for a few minutes we headed north on the Garfield Ridge Trail to the Skookumchuck Trail.  The clouds started to lift at times creating some decent views but overall we were in the clouds.  The weather did break but not until we were below treeline.
- It was the first time I was on the Skookumchuck Trail.  I liked it, although the lower half seemed to never end.  It's a pretty trail in spots as it heads through open woods in one section.  Other than that it's your standard White Mountain Trail, some rough footing with roots and mud. 
- We got back to the car and packed up and headed south.  It was a blast to hike with Bob and Dusty again.  Dusty and Cole had a fun time trail running down the Skook and everyone had a blast!

 Greanleaf Trailhead
Greanleaf Trail Sign 
 Greenleaf Trail
 Old Slide near Eagle Pass
Dusty going through Eagle Pass
 Eagle Pass
 Greenleaf Trail
 Enchanted forest on the Greenleaf Trail
 Greenleaf Trail
 Above treeline, into the fog and clouds
Cole on the summit of Mount Lafayette 
 He stole my bow tie!
 North Lafayette on the Garfield Ridge Trail
 Owl's Head
 Play time!
Garfield Ridge Trail 
 Descending the Garfield Ridge Trail
 Skookumchuck Trail
 'Cole of the Wild'

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