Cannon Mountain

Date of Hike: 6/23/12

Kinsman Ridge Trail: 4.0 miles, 2,100 elevation gain

Trail Conditions: Kinsman Ridge Trail is dry, with some lose gravel down low and rocky eroded steep footing the rest of the way.  No Water sources on trail.

Eroded Kinsman Ridge Trail 
 Heading up the Kinsman Ridge Trail
 The ski glades of the Kinsman Ridge Trail
 Cannon Mountain Tramway
 Cannon Mountain Tram
 Hiker carefully descending the Kinsman Ridge Trail
 The steep and rocky Kinsman Ridge Trail
 Picturesque Kinsman Ridge Trail
 Trail info, stay off the ski trails or else!
 Entering a sub-alpine zone on the Kinsman Ridge Trail
Mount Lafayette and Lincoln from the outlook ledges 
 Franconia Notch
 Mount Lafayette
 Cairn on the Kinsman Ridge Trail
 Franconia Ridge from the Kinsman Ridge Trail
 Kinsman Ridge / Tram Path Junction
 Kinsman Ridge
 North and South Kinsman
 Mount Liberty
 Mount Lafayette and Lincoln
 Mount Lincoln
 Mount Lafayette
 Eagle Cliff
 Franconia Notch
Top of Cannon Mountain ski slope and Mittersill Peak from the observation tower
 Cannon Balls and the Kinsmans
 Top of the ski slope
 Cannon Moutnain ski area
 Eagle Cliff
 Presidential Range off in the distance
 Observation Tower
 Rim Trail Junction
 Echo Lake
 Echo Lake
 Kinsman Ridge northern terminus
 Kinsman Ridge Trailhead
Look who is in the driver's seat...woof!

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