Swim / Bike / Run / Hike . . . Mount Jackson

Date of Hike: 4/14/18

Webster Jackson Trail: 5.20 (2,547 feet elevation gained) White Mountain Guide Online

Trip Report:
- More subpar hiking weather blanketed the north country over the weekend, with rain/sleet/snow forecasted.  Once again, it was off to the athletic club early Saturday morning for an indoor tri with a quick mountain chaser before the storm came moving in.
- My slow and steady pace in the pool is getting better, I broke the 2:00 / 100 yard pace I set, finishing my 1800 yard swim with a pace of  1:59 / 100 yard.  My next goal is a thirty minute mile swim, which I'm about five minutes off of, it will take awhile to achieve this in a pool but I might have better luck lake swimming this summer, no turns!
- Following the swim I headed downstairs and jumped on the stationary bike, it's just as rickety as it was last week but hasn't broke yet.  I set it on the hill workout and peddled for 35 minutes doing my usual 12.4 miles while drenching my shirt in sweat.
- Last but not least was a quick 5K on the treadmill, finishing in 20:45, with mile splits of 7:25 / 6:43 / 6:04.  There are five treadmills at the athletic club, the one in the middle is in great condition, while the rest are hit or miss, the two on the end work fine but are very loud, especially when you turn up the speed.  The second from the left works fine but is a very old model, and the second from the right doesn't go any faster than five miles an hour!
-  After finishing up at the gym I headed home for a big breakfast and to hang out with Sarge and Whitney before heading over to Crawford Notch for a short hike up Mount Jackson.
- Conditions for Mount Jackson were very good, a little ice down low but the trail was packed and firm, my snowshoes went for a free ride on the pack.  It was a relatively quiet day on the Webster-Jackson Trail, seeing only eight other hikers and a very happy small Chocolate Lab named Mr. Wilson!
- I was expecting socked in views from the summit, but I got lucky and caught a clearing across the notch of the Willey Range just as I was descending the steep open slab section below the summit.
- I made quick work of the hike down and was able to make it back home just as the weather came rolling in and before Whitney headed to work.
- As I've said before, I enjoy this Tri-Hike challenge but I'd prefer better weather for just hiking all day.  Hopefully next weekend will provide above treeline weather!

Hiking up the Webster-Jackson Trail.  A little icy down low but plenty of snow left everywhere else

Mount Jackson Summit 

Webster-Cliff / Webster-Jackson trail junction 

Looking west toward Bretton Woods 

Mount Webster and Mount Willey 

Mount Willard, Avalon, Field, and Tom 

Mount Carrigain and the Hancock Range 

Playoff Sarge is ready to throw down!

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