Back Door Kitty . . . Wildcat A - D Peaks

Date of Hike: 11/12/16

Bog Brook Trail: 0.7 miles  /  Wildcat River Trail: 3.6 miles  /  Nineteen Mile Brook Trail: 0.2 miles  /  Wildcat Ridge Trail:  2.8 miles  /  Wildcat Valley Ski Trail: 2.8 miles  /  Beth Hendrick Trail & Hubs Loop: 0.7 miles  /  Wildcat Valley Ski Trail: 0.7 miles
Total Miles: 11.5 (3,185 feet elevation gained)

An old dilapidated camp at the start of the trail
Another old broken down structure in the woods off trail

The Bog Brook Trail is an easy short hike to the Wildcat River Trail

 Wildcat River

Ascending the easy grades and good footing of the Wildcat River Trail up to carter Notch

The Ramparts (left), and Carter Notch Pond with Wildcat A Peak rising above it (right)

Carter Dome as seen from Wildcat A Peak

Pano of Carter Notch and the Carter Range
Wildcat Ridge Trail had just an inch of snow in spots and some ice in other spots

Presidential Range from Wildcat Ridge Trail 

View of Tuckerman, Raymond Cataract, and Huntington Ravine below Mount Washington from Wildcat D observation deck

Descending Wildcat Valley Ski Trail and passing by an old snow gun and telephone

The trail passes through an old mossy section which can be quite squishy before entering dry soft woods.  It also passes by a first aid mail box along the way!

Another old phone or something like that

The ski trail passes through a beautiful open section.  This must be a real nice stretch to ski in the winter

The open glades of the Wildcat Valley Ski Trail

Instead of following the Wildcat Valley Ski Trail all the way back to the car I follow a few other side trails and loops.  This one is an old woods road now called Beth Hendrick Trail.  Click here for more info on the trails throughout the Prospect Farm area

It dumps out onto Hubs Loop where it passes by an old foundation with some relics from the Jackson Camp / Prospect Farm days of long ago

 View from one of the apple orchards

Signs spotted along the way

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