Lower Antelope Canyon

Date of Hike: 5/28/15

On Thursday, Whitney and I made the long drive back from Oderville, Utah to Phoenix, Arizona.  Along the way we made a quick detour to Lower Antelope Canyon in the town of Page, Arizona.  In order to enter the canyon you have to pay a fee and hike with a Navajo guide since the canyon is located on Native American land.  The hike was short as it traveled down into and out of the slot canyon.  The guide talks about the history of the canyon and how the rain and wind shaped it thousands of years ago.  It was really pretty but really crowded, definitely a tourist trap but a nice stop to break up a long drive.

 The sun trying to shine through anyway it can

Inside Lower Antelope Canyon

 I can't remember what this was.  The guide took the photo for all of us

 This is a fish!

A sunset or a sunrise over the mountains!

Looking up to the top of the slot canyon

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