Mount Hale Via the Abandoned Mount Hale Trail (AKA Fire Wardens Trail)

Date of Hike: 4/11/15

Logging Road: 1.0 miles  /  North Twin Trail: 1.0 miles  /  Fire Wardens Trail: 4.0 miles  /  North Twin Trail:  1.0 miles  /  Logging Road: 1.0 miles Total Miles: 8.0 (2,480 feet elevation gained)

Route for the day, click here for details

 In the winter and early spring Haystack Road is closed so I drive to the end of Little River Road and cross the bridge where I take an immediate left into the woods.  Please do not block the bridge, do not wear spikes on bridge, and respect the the area and the local home owners who let us use their property to access the mountains.

 Walking along and old railroad grade to the beginning of the North Twin Trail.

 After a mile on the North Twin Trail and the little River bypass herd path I spot the little tree and bang a left up the embankment and make my way up the old Fire Wardens Trail.

 The Trail travels through a beautiful Birch glade.

 After the birch glade it's back to pine which is draped in old man's beard.

 Summit of Mount Hale and the Lend-a-Hand Trail.

 With a high snow pack there are views that usually aren't seen.  On this day it was cloudy so there wasn't much to see.  After the outlook it's back through the Pine tunnel part of the trail!

 Jumping off the old trail and following ski tracks through the glades.

 After heading through more glades I hope back onto the old trail corridor.

Heading back down the 'ramp'  to the end of the Fire Wardens Trail and the lil' tree!

 Spring is slowly starting to melt the snow along the Little River and along the North Twin Trail.

  Spooky cobblestone fireplace and foundation located near the bridge at the end of Little River Road.

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