Doubletop Mountain

Date of Hike: 9/20/14

Doubletop Trail: 7.25 miles (2,550 feet elevation gained)

 Nesowadnehunk Campsite
 Crossing the footbridge on the way to Doubletop Trail
 Whitney sets a blazing speed over the Doubletop Trail
 Nice little conifer section of the trail
 Moss blanketed boulders line the trail
 Looking towards Oji, Coe, and South Brother
 South Brother Slide
 Coe Slide
 Mount Oji
 Looking down to the Tote Road and Martson Trailhead
 Doubletop Ridge
 Looking down towards Kidney Pond area
 Doubletop Mountain
 Memorial Plaque
 One last water crossing for Whitney
 Sun setting from Nesowadnehunk Campground
 Dirty Jeep = Happy Jeep
Morning from Nesowadnehunk campground
Route for the day

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