Wright / Algonquin / Iroquois

Date of Hike: 8/14/14

Van Hovenburg Trail: 1.0 miles  /  Algonquin Trail: 2.1 miles  /  Wight Peak Spur: 1.0 miles  /  Algonquin Trail: 1.0 miles  /  Iroquois Herd Path: 1.4 miles  /  Algonquin Trail: 1.1 miles  /  Lake Colden & Avalanche Pass:  3.3 miles  /  South Meadow Truck Trail: 2.6 miles
Total Miles 13.3 (GPS 14.8 miles, 4,750 elevation gained)

 Some of the signs you pass on the way to Wright Peak
My favorite cairn in the High Peaks!
 Wright Peak B-47 Crash Site 
 Heading up to Wright Peak and Algonquin
 Views from the top of Wright Peak and Algonquin
Flowed Lands and Allen Mountain
 Diaz and me  /  Flowed Lands  /  Hitch-up Matilda's
Flowed Lands
 Avalanche Pass
Trap Dike  
Marcy Dam

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