Black Mountain Run / Mount Moriah

Date of Hike: 3/8/14

Black Mountain Ski Slopes: 2.2 miles
Stoney Brook / Carter - Moriah Trail: 10.0 miles
Total Miles 12.2 (4,000 elevation gained)

 Black Mountain ski slope run
 Myself with Alton and Kat
Stony Brook Trail to Carter-Moriah Trail to Mount Moriah's Summit 
 Cole and his walking stick
 Cole and Murphy
 Alton with Cole
 Murphy heading up the ledges
 Stony Brook Trail
 Presidential Range
 Cater Range
 Stony Brook Trail
 Evil Clouds
 Sling Shot Slide below the Carter Range
 Kat on Moriah's Summit
 Mount Moriah
 Kat and Murphy
 Cole and Murphy
 Cole and his chewing stick
Carter-Moriah / Stony Brook Trial Junction 
Kat and Murphy sharing a moment! 
The Stony Brook

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