North and South Kinsman (#5 & #6)

Date of Hike: 12/31/09

Lonesome Lake & Around Lonesome Lake Trail: 1.5 miles
Fishin' Jimmy Trail: 2.0 miles
Kinsman Ridge Trail: 3.0 miles
Fishin' Jimmy Trail: 2.0 miles
Lonesome Lake Trail & Around Lonesome Lake: 1.5 miles
Total Miles: around 10 miles (elevation gain 3,800 feet)

Trip Report:
- Left RI at 5am, stopped at the Old Bridle Path trailhead to see if the pole I left behind was still there but it wasn't, hopefully it found a nice home!
- When I pulled into the Lafayette Campground parking lot I accidently tried pulling into the left side of the lot, not so smart, eventhough I have 4 wheel drive my car sunk into the packed snow and got jammed and stuck.  Dug out around my tires with my Ice Axe, put in reverse, drive, reverse, drive, slammed it one last time in reverse and got the hell out of there and parked where I was supposed to be!
- On Trail at 8:15am finished around 1:15pm, Temperature 15-20 degrees, no wind!  Decent views of Franconia Ridge, Mount Moosilauke, and into Vermont
- Stopped in at Lonesome Lake Shelter to change into warm clothes.  A few of the Hut caretakers were there along with a family with two kids
- Wore snowshoes the whole day on a very well packed trail, the Tubbs Flex Alp 24's are money, so far they haven't come loose and take a beating and keep on getting better!
- Ran into two people at South Kinsman summit, I changed into dry clothes again and took a bunch of pictures, froze my fingers up pretty good until I put my mitts on and I warmed up in a few minutes!
- Started to snow as soon as I descended, ran into two ladies and their cool dogs who were very happy to be hiking and playing in the snowy trail
- Lots of people hiking up to spend New Year's at Lonesome Lake hut
- On way back down Lonesome Lake trail I spotted an old snowshoe bushwack and decided to re-break it.  Tons of fun sliding down through two feet of snow until my glove got caught on a tree branck and sent me 360 into a white-wash!
- Back down at the trailhead there were another 2 cars stuck in the snow for a few minutes...WMNF really should put up a large sign saying NO CARS! Not a little florescent pink laminated 8.5 by 11 sign that says "no higway vehicles"...what the hell does that really mean!!!

Pictures: Click here to view all pictures

South Kinsman Summit Looking back toward North Kinsman

South Kinsman Summit with Franconia Ridge to the East

Mount Liberty and Mount Flume

Franconia Ridge (Lafayette, Truman, Lincoln, Little Haystack)

Kinsman Ridge Trail (AT)

Lonesome Lake Hut

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