48 - 4,000 Footers in 2009

On September 6th I completed my first round of the AMC 48 White Mountain Four-Thousand footers. I next thought about trying to hike all of them in the upcoming fall season, but I had a few weekends with other plans that would keep me from accomplishing that goal, plus living 3 plus hours away, and hiking mostly on weekends made me realize this would have to wait until fall 2010. However looking at my list I noticed I had bagged 23 new summits this year alone since May to complete the list, also I had done my usual Presidential Traverse which knocked off an additional 7 and a few other hikes I had done also knocked off a few more. So in-between revisiting my favorite trails and exploring new trails in the Presidential and Pemigewasset Wildernesses I decided to just do the remaining mountains to complete the 48 in one year. It's not my second time completing the list but I thought it would be interesting to do it.

Breakdown of 48 - 4,000 footers in 2009

Date of Hikes : May 25th through December 6th

May 25 - Tecumseh (5.1 miles)
June 7 - North & Middle Tripyramid (11.1. miles)
June 13 - Bondcliff, Bond, West Bond, Zealand, South Twin, North Twin, Galehead (21.8 miles)
June 14 - Garfield, Lafayette, Lincoln, Liberty, Flume (17.2 miles)
July 3 - Mount Hanckock & South Hancock (9.8 miles)
July 18 - South Carter & Middle Carter (11.8 miles)
July19 - North Kinsman, South Kinsman, Cannon Mountain (14.0 miles)
August 8 - Jackson, Pierce, Eisenhower, Monroe, Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Madison (23.0 miles)
August 16 - Isolation (20.7 miles, hiked up Great Gulf to Mount Washington, then down Davis Path to Isolation)
August 28 - Owl's Head (29.8 miles, hiked Owl's Head, then up to South Twin, Bond and Bondcliff)
September 6 - Waumbek, Moriah, Carrigain (26.2 miles)
October 6 - East Osceola & Osceola (15 miles, also hiked East Pond Trail to make a loop)
October 17 - Mount Hale (25.7, Started from the Kanc, also hiked Mount Zealand)
November 21 - Mount Field, Willey, Tom (17.1 miles, Including Ethan Pond trail through Zealand Notch)
November 22 - Cater Dome, Wildcat A Peak, Wildcat D Peak (14.7 miles, hiked Mount Height and walked on Route 16 back to car)
November 29 - Mount Moosilauke (7.5 miles)
December 5 - Mount Whiteface & Passaconaway (11.5 miles)
December 6 - Mount Cabot (10 miles)

Total Miles (292, elevation gain around 90,000)
Averages (16.2 miles per hike, 5,000 elevation gain per hike)

Favorite Pics
Mount Tecemseh (on far left) Osceola's

West Bond from Bondcliff Summit

Mount Monroe and the Cog from Mount Clay Loop

South Twin Summit

Owl's Head and the Franconia Ridge

Star Lake and Mount Madison

Lakes of the Clouds and Mount Washington

Lakes of the Clouds and Mount Monroe

Tuckerman and Huntington Ravine from Mount Height

Mount Jefferson Summit Cairn

Mount Jefferson, Adams, and Madison from Washington

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