Give Me Liberty or Give Me Flume!

Date of Hike: 10/25/09

Whitehouse Trail: .8 miles
Liberty Springs Trail: .6 miles
Flume Slide Trail: 3.3 miles
Franconia Ridge Trail: 1.5 miles
Liberty Springs Trail: 2.9
Pemi Bike Bath: 1.0
Total Miles: 10.1 (around 3800 elevation gain)

Trip Report:
- Solo hike, on trail at 9:45am finished at 3:15pm, temps low 40's to mid 50's, light wind on summits, good views all around, higher summits had some cloud cover
- All trails except Franconia Ridge were a wet mess, resembling tiny streams.  Water crossings on Flume Slide trail were high and slick but still rock hop-able
- Flume Slide is steep, wet, slippery and a ton of fun with caution on the mini scrambles
- Slide is tougher than Owl's Head Slide and just a little bit easier than the North Slide of Tripyramid because the trail is easier to follow and blazed better than the North slide
- Great views from Flume and Liberty Summit
- Built a Cairn on Flume summit and added to two on Liberty Summit
- Liberty Springs Campsite is bigger than I expected, kind of old and falling apart though and you can't "P" in the "Rivy"
- Didn't see a person until Flume Summit, then saw about a dozen or so people and a couple of dogs
- Can't wait to do Flume Slide again next summer when it's dry

Pics: Click here to view all pictures

Bodcliff from Mount Flume Summit

Franconia Ridge to Mount Flume

Pemigewasset Wilderness

Mount Liberty Summit

Cannon Mountain and Cannonballs

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