Great Gulf Wilderness: Mount Washington - Mount Isolation Loop

Date of Hike: 8/16/09

Old Jackson Road: 1.9 miles
Madison Gulf Trail: 2.1 miles
Great Gulf Trail: 5.0 miles
Tuckerman Ravine Trail: .6 miles
Lawn Cutoff: .4 miles
Davis Path (Isolation and back to Glen Boulder): 6.9 miles
Glen Boulder Trail: 2.8 miles
Direttissma: 1.0 miles
Total Miles: 20.7 (6,900 elevation gain)

Trip Report:
- Solo hike, overnight at PNVC, left RI at 8:15pm arrived at 12am
- On trail at 6am finished at 4:15pm
- Sunny, humid, no wind, temps 70-80 degrees, excellent views
- Spooked by fast moving WMNF ranger on Great Gulf Trail, he was on his way to Six Husbands Trail to check on a campfire report
- Spaulding Lake was a lot smaller and unimpressive than what I thought it would be
- Trail work recently done on Great Gulf trail from Sphinx Trail junction. All fern branches have been clipped back to no longer hang over trail.
- Lost yellow trail blazers last .5 on Great Gulf headwall, they just seemed to disappear, plus no cairns to be found anywhere as well. ended up coming up over the headwall .10 miles to the left of trail.
- Walked along and on tracks last .5 mile to summit
- Lawn cutoff and Davis Path to treeline going toward Mount Isolation is picturesque
- Mount Isolation is really out in the middle of nowhere
- Glenn Boulder trail looking into the Gulf of Slides is pretty awesome and the Glenn Boulder is pretty cool itself!

Pictures: Click here to view all pictures

 Hiking on the Great Gulf Trail Mount Washington from Davis Path
Davis Path near Boot Spur Trail
Mount Isolation Summit
Glen Boulder

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